The Dog’s Blog

Written by shelter pets, for the shelter pets. Hey there! My name is Josie, but you can think of me as your eyes and ears of SafeHaven Humane Society. I was once sitting where all my friends are…waiting for a human to take me home. I am only two years old and yet I’ve already … Continue reading The Dog’s Blog


Catio – A Cat Patio, Get it?

Golden-eyed, tuxedo cat, Michael, is one lucky feline. He met his ‘Mom’, Sharon Baum, at SafeHaven when he was seven months old. His outgoing personality was a ‘purrfect’ match for Sharon. Sharon previously had several dogs that she loved dearly, including her longtime best friend, Baron, a feisty SafeHaven alum, who passed away in 2015. … Continue reading Catio – A Cat Patio, Get it?

Be A Hero – Save a Life

Every 11 seconds, one healthy dog or cat is euthanized in the United States. That comes to 3-4 million healthy, adoptable animals euthanized every year for pet population control. It’s a huge problem nationally and worldwide. What difference can one person possibly make?