Training Classes Can Help Cure Common Behavioral Issues in Dogs

Training_CruzetteAt SafeHaven, our Enrichment and Training Department is dedicated to helping people build and maintain happy, lifelong relationships with their pets. From obedience classes to private training, our goal is to be a resource for the communities we serve and to help owners experience the many rewards of pet ownership. Our training staff also works with our shelter dogs to help them with behavioral issues.

One of the most common behavioral problems in dogs is inappropriate jumping. Dogs are social creatures and typically have a strong desire to interact with people and jumping is an effective way to get people’s attention. Even aversive training techniques, like scolding a dog for jumping, still give attention. It is not uncommon for young puppies to receive attention, affection and even encouragement for jumping. Family members, friendly dog-loving guests and even strangers on the street may also give mixed signals and unintentionally encourage jumping. This inconsistency does nothing but set dogs up to fail.

In our training classes, we also recommend owners set simple rules for those interacting with their dog. Instruct people not to reinforce or encourage jumping by saying things like “please wait for her to be calm and polite before saying hello.” In a situation where your dog will likely struggle with controlling herself, such as when guests arrive or your children come home from school, keep her on lead until she is settled and calm, put her in her crate with an object to play with before greeting your guests, or keep her behind a baby gate or exercise pen until you are ready to bring her out.

Our training staff also encourages owners to not only focus on what their dog is doing wrong but to teach them how you would prefer them to behave. Practice with a friend or family member and use lots of praise, attention and small training treats for performing desired behaviors. Over time, being consistent and eliminating mixed signals will teach a dog that they will get rewarded for displaying appropriate and desired behaviors.

SafeHaven Training Staff is ready to help you find additional solutions for your dog’s jumping. We highly recommend our Family Dog – Basic Manners class to help eliminate jumping and other common behavioral issues in dogs. This 6-week class furthers your dog’s polite loose lead walking skills, recall, stay and more.

We also offer other group classes and private training lessons to suit your dog’s needs. From puppy socialization to basic manners and sports, we offer a variety of classes year round. Class sizes are kept small to ensure personalized attention. Many of our classes incorporate jumping prevention and training. Sign up online today at


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